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Some comments from the above:


Dear Kathy
What a terrific afternoon you prepared for us.  What a speaker!  What stories!
The add on treat of a delicious tea.
I would have liked to acknowledge this earlier but have been in the hands of BT and a non working broadband (am in the library at the moment) I cannot let the works BT pass my lips without having a fit.
to let you know I have changed apartments in my block and am now at [deleted]
I know it is a bit early (perhaps) to wish you a very Happy Christmas.  I am taking off to foreign parts soon, but wanted to send you greetings.
Look forward to more super outings next year.
Big thanks
 Dear Kathy
Just wanted to say thank you for an enjoyable afternoon last Thursday. Jeremy's talk bought back many memories when I was at Pinewood in the sixties. Nice company and the afternoon tea was lovely.
Best Wishes
Two President's Visits are being planned for next year.  To Birmingham at the beginning of May for members in the Midlands and to Norwich in October for members in East Anglia.  Dates for these will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.
Our Acting Events Director reports that some events are easier to organise than others - or perhaps more accurately, harder to organise than others - and this has meant that the 2015 programme is still largely at the planning stage.  All being well there will be at least three events in addition to the President's Visits.  As always, more details when they are available.