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We are an association of men and women who have worked in the cinema, film  and television industry for not less than 30 years. 

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Calling all you Wales and S.W. members!


I was more than happy to be invited along with several members of BCTV from South Wales and more from the Bristol area to a very pleasant lunch at the Watershed.

A good time was had by all and, just as I was leaving, one of the gentlemen from South Wales came up to me and said he thought it would be very nice if we and others could meet in the Cardiff area. I agreed and said I would be happy to organise lunches and would speak to our Secretary, Kathy.

Kathy has emailed or written to the twenty-six BCTV members in the Cardiff area to ask if they would care to lunch, giving them my email address. If any of our friends from the Bristol area or, indeed, any other Veterans from there or anywhere else would like to join us, please get in touch with Kathy at Golden Square initially, and she will pass on contact details to me.