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Dear Kathy

What a terrific treat we got today.  To see the best part of 100 musicians,
and what musicians, doing their thing was special.

Our guest speaker definitely has got 'IT'.  It is a joy to hear a
professional enthusiastically give forth on their subject..

Many thanks for all the hard work undertaken to give us  another memorable

I am off to Australia on Monday. When I get back in June maybe we can have
our delayed  morning coffee when you are less frantic.

Kindest regards


Dear Kathy

What a terrific afternoon you prepared for us.  What a speaker!  What stories!
The add on treat of a delicious tea.
I would have liked to acknowledge this earlier but have been in the hands of BT and a non working broadband (am in the library at the moment) I cannot let the works BT pass my lips without having a fit.
to let you know I have changed apartments in my block and am now at [deleted]
I know it is a bit early (perhaps) to wish you a very Happy Christmas.  I am taking off to foreign parts soon, but wanted to send you greetings.
Look forward to more super outings next year.
Big thanks



 Dear Kathy
Just wanted to say thank you for an enjoyable afternoon last Thursday. Jeremy's talk bought back many memories when I was at Pinewood in the sixties. Nice company and the afternoon tea was lovely.
Best Wishes