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How to join us!

The criteria for joining and to become a member is set out below, including the  Application form for intending new Members


Also our Articles of Association include important information: click here 

The Articles also include our rules and regulations [section 5 - 7]. You should also familiarise yourself with these.


If you have worked for 25 years or more in our Industry, and you meet the criteria set out below and if you meet this criteria please download our application form which you will find at the very bottom of this page. We'll be delighted to hear from you!

The Membership Application Form can be Downloaded Here

This is the Application for Membership form
Adobe Acrobat document [541.2 KB]

The current fees are as follows:
Entrance fee (one-off) £30.00
Annual subscription £40.00
(from 1st April – 31st March the following year)
For information only - do not send payment with your application

Detailed Information for Applicants

1. The British Cinema and Television Veterans is an association with the following objectives:
a) To promote contact. good fellowship and friendship between members through social occasions, reunions, visits, meetings and the publication at regular intervals of a members’ magazine The Veteran.
b) To act in the case of need or hardship by any member as a link between the member and the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF).
c) To further the well-being of the cinema, broadcast, television awards and/or allied industries by making such awards, grants or donations as shall be agreed towards the education and development of young people entering this industry where such payments will be of benefit to this industry.

2. All applications must be submitted on the official application form. If any of the requested information is not supplied your application will be delayed or refused.

3. Eligibility for membership is by the following criteria. Anyone who has worked in any capacity in British cinema exhibition or behind-the-camera in British film and television production, or related production services. (British as defined by current legislation.)
a) British cinema exhibition includes film distributors and all other suppliers to cinemas induding services such as the provision of screen advertising or equipment and booking of films.
b) British film and television production covers cinema feature films, short films or any material of a fictional or documentary nature that receives a theatrical exhibition, is transmitted on terrestrial, satellite or cable television or released as copyrighted material on associated media such a video discs and video on demand, and appropriately sponsored films.
c) Related production services cover services such as film laboratories, film stock shot libraries and special effects and facilities houses.

4. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have given at least 25 years service to the cinema or TV industries in total, in any of the areas specified in the fields detailed above.

5. All applicants must be proposed and seconded by an existing member (who must be personally known to the applicant). Please contact the Secretary if you have any difficulty in contacting a suitable member. 

6. All membership applications are considered by a membership sub-committee before ratification by the Executive Committee.

7. Upon acceptance, an entrance fee is payable together with an annual subscription, at the rates shown on the application form or as subsequently amended. Members joining after October 1st pay an annual subscription pro rata for that year. Upon reaching 80 years of age members cease to pay an annual subscription and honorary membership is given in their own right to those persons who upon the death of a member are the widows, widowers or civil partners of the deceased.

8. The benefits of membership are as follows:
a) A copy of The Veteran Magazine published four times a year, and is supplied free to all members, which also includes the CTBF Newsletter.
b) A lapel badge plus an association tie for men, or an association scarf for ladies.
c) The opportunity to attend social events and obtain special offers and discounts.
d) In addition, if you meet the criteria below, you could be eligible for a cinema pass. Certain British cinema exhibitors and UK theatrical film distributors have agreed that, in recognition and appreciation of the contribution made by those BCTV members who have served exclusively in the theatrical sector for an absolute minimum period of two years, the BCTV can issue a pass for the benefit of such members which will admit them and a guest free of charge to certain film performances.
The pass will be awarded to anyone who has worked for an absolute minimum period of two years in the British cinema, or in theatrical dishibution, or on behind-the-camera productions of a sufficient number of fictional, documentary or advertising films (whether made digitally or on film) that have received a theatrical release in British cinemas. The issue of the pass is at the absolute discretion of the BCTV and may be withdrawn at any time.

9. The association is managed by an Executive Committee which has 18 members, one third of whom retire by rotation each year on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is held in the period June to October each year.

10. Details of the AGM, and a copy of the Annual Accounts to be approved and notified to members, are published in The Veteran magazine.

11. Decisions taken at an AGM are by simple majority vote but no member is entitled to vote if any money owed by them is overdue, including their membership fee for the current year.

12. The Company is governed by Articles of Association. These can be seen on this web site  by clicking here, or a printed copy can be supplied upon application to the Secretary.

13. The membership year and the Company’s financial year runs from the 1st April each year until the 31st March of the following year.

14. The association is constituted as a company limited by guarantee, the British Cinema and Television Veterans Limited (the Company). As such, in the extremely unlikely event of the Company becoming insolvent, the liability of each member is limited to £1.00.  

The Membership Renewal Application Form can be downloaded here:

Adobe Acrobat document [765.4 KB]

Please note: If you have difficulty finding a proposer or/and a seconder, please contact our secretary on the email or telephone shown on the left .above